11 Best SaaS Content Marketing Agencies Today

If you're wondering which SaaS content marketing agency would be the best option for you, check out this guide. Discover the best SaaS content agencies today.

What you're going to learn:

  • Why even consider hiring an agency to manage your content
  • What to look for when selecting a content agency for your SaaS
  • A list of top SaaS content agencies on the market today

FACT: SaaS marketing is all about content.

Whether you focus on growing your SaaS with SEO, focus on growth hacks, or use any other inbound marketing strategies, you, de facto, do content marketing.

The problem? You might not be able to do it yourself. You might need help, someone who could take the burden off your shoulders, own the entire process, and deliver the results that you’re after.

You need a SaaS content marketing agency.

The problem? With practically every agency today claiming to be working with SaaS, it’s hard to figure out whom to evaluate to potentially hire.

So, in this guide, you’ll discover some of the best content marketing agencies that specialize in various aspects of helping B2B SaaS companies grow.

But let’s get some things out of the way first…

Why Even Consider Hiring a SaaS Content Marketing Agency?

Let’s not beat around the bush here – Content marketing is complex like hell. It’s not a quick win either.

Delivering a winning content strategy requires so many different skills, many of which you might simply lack in your startup at the moment.

Here are just some of them:

  • The ability to conduct comprehensive keyword research and develop a marketing plan to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.
  • In-depth knowledge of how search engines and other marketing channels work
  • The ability to translate your goals into an actionable strategy
  • Having marketing processes to ensure that projects run smoothly, and you’re publishing content that moves the needle
  • Content creation experience,
  • Content promotion experience (including link building, if you’re focusing on SEO)
  • Deep understanding of typical SaaS sales cycles, plus experience in converting blog traffic into new signups and leads, and more.

The list goes on and on, actually.

Then, there is the time and effort involved in planning and implementing a strategy.

Hiring an agency takes off the burden of having to do it all by yourself. By hiring an agency, you hand over the strategy to professionals, who bring in extensive expertise and experience to help you come out at the top.

This brings us to the next point:

When to hire a content agency?

Or else, how do you know that you need to hire a content marketing agency for your SaaS?

There are three particular scenarios when turning to a content agency makes sense:

  1. You lack the expertise or people to run a content strategy in-house. Your startup might be too small, or you choose to hire more developers and tech people instead. Yet, you know that you need to do content to build your growth engine.
  2. You don’t have the money to bring content experts in-house. Content is not something that one person could oversee. To make it work, you need at least a small team of strategists and content creators, and that costs money to bring in-house. The alternative is to hire a SaaS content agency that will give you access to those people for a much smaller monthly fee.
  3. You have no time to implement the content strategy yourself. Or you have tried and realized that getting any meaningful results is beyond your current capabilities. In this case, it also makes sense to turn to an agency for help.

What to Look for in a Content Marketing Agency for SaaS?

We’ve covered all the reasons why hire a SaaS content agency. So, now, let’s look at how to do it.

Here are the factors you should be paying attention to when choosing agencies to reach out to:

#1. The depth of the company’s SaaS experience

Practically every agency today claims to be working with SaaS. It makes sense, SaaS is one of the fastest-growing markets today, after all.

SaaS market growth.

(End-user spending on SaaS applications worldwide – in billion US dollars. Source)

It’s no surprise that more and more agencies want a slice of the pie. But only a few of them have the industry experience, expertise, and chops needed to promote SaaS products with content.

Here are some ideas to help you figure out the company’s real SaaS experience:

  • When evaluating an agency, look at its client list. Does it include any other SaaS companies? Or are these companies from different industries?
  • Check their testimonials and case studies. Again, does the agency have any SaaS client studies and reviews, or features companies from other industries?

#2. Content expertise

Don’t get me wrong, generic digital marketing agencies do a great job too.

But if you’re looking for help with such a content-focused industry as SaaS, it might make more sense to seek experts that focus on exactly just that – content.

#3. Focus or Niche

Full-service agencies do it all – Plan, strategize, create content and look after other channels.

Boutique agencies, typically, specialize in a particular niche. For example, my agency, Smashing Copy, focuses exclusively on SEO. We create and implement strategies that help our clients increase search visibility, and boost organic growth.

This means that we’re not the best choice for companies that also need the agency to help with email or other channels.

But we’re perfect for those that seek experts to help them boost rankings, and drive more signups from search engines.

So, when reviewing SaaS content agencies, check whether the company’s focus matches what you want to achieve with content.

#4. Size

Now, let me be clear – Agency size has nothing to do with work quality in any way, shape, or form.

But the size will have a lot to do with how the agency operates, and how they’re going to work with you.

Smaller, boutique agencies become more personally invested in your success. With only a handful of people or less, you always connect with the very people who work on your campaign.

But small agencies are just that, small. As a result, they often specialize in a particular aspect of content marketing.

This means that if you need help with a wide range of projects, beyond the content marketing strategy, then a bigger agency might be a better choice. These companies have greater manpower to drive complex strategies and more experts in different areas of content that you could avail of.

With all that in mind, let’s see who are the best agencies to evaluate for your SaaS.

11 Top SaaS Content Marketing Agencies Today

#1. Smashing Copy

SaaS content marketing agency.

Focus area: SEO-driven content marketing (strategy, SEO consulting, and content creation)

Size: Boutique (3 people in total)

Smashing Copy (disclaimer: that’s us 🙂 is a boutique content marketing agency working exclusively with SaaS startups since 2015.

We own our clients’ SEO content programs and drive them more traffic, signup, and leads from Google.

In practical terms, it means that we do everything…

  • conduct keyword research and develop a roadmap from where you are now to where you want to be,
  • create all the content,
  • audit and optimize your existing pages,
  • assist your team with converting organic traffic, and more.

…all to deliver the traffic and new users that you’re after.

What makes us unique:

  • We’re a tiny agency and we consider it our major strength. Being small allows us to be as creative and nimble as we need to get you the results that you’re after.
  • We have a personal approach to every client. Because we can work with only a handful of clients at a time, we become personally invested in your success. To us, you are never just another account on the books. Instead, we give everything when fighting to put you at the top.
  • We laser-focus on SEO. We’ve been writing SEO optimized content for SaaS brands exclusively since 2014 and, as a result, know what challenges your potential customers face, and what motivates them to pick one SaaS product over another.

Find out more about us and see how we help SaaS startups drive more traffic and revenue from Google

#2. Codeless

Codeless SaaS content production company.

Focus area: Content production (incl. video)

Size: Large agency

Codeless is an amazing content production company with an impressive list of past and present clients. The company is run by a friend of mine, and possibly one of the best content writers out there – Brad Smith. Although Brad no longer creates content for clients, focusing on his role as the CEO, I’m sure that nobody slacks with their content quality on his watch.

Codeless create content for SaaS brands primarily (however, also service companies from selected other industries) and specialize in creating various content types -incl. long-form blog posts, and videos to fuel their clients’ marketing campaigns.

#3. Animalz

Another SaaS content marketing agency.

Focus area: Full-service agency

Size: Large agency

Animalz is huge, not only in size but in its achievements. The company works with the most amazing large-scale clients, and delivers a whole range of content marketing services, from SEO consulting, lead generation to product marketing.

#4. Content Allies

Content allies.

Focus area: Podcasting

Size: Medium (20+ employees)

Content Allies is a unique SaaS content agency because it focuses on podcasting only. The company does not create any other content types for clients but helps B2B tech brands produce their podcast shows. Content Allies helps clients schedule and prepare each episode, creates show artwork, produces the audio, manages publication and promotion, and more.

#5. Refine Labs

Refine Labs - content marketing agency for SaaS.

Focus area: Demand generation

Size: Large (80+ employees)

Refine Labs is a full-scale SaaS marketing agency focusing on demand generation. Because of its broad focus, the company does more than just focus on content. Instead, the company will analyze your funnel and pipeline to design a marketing strategy to help you reach your goals.

#6. Single Grain

Single Grain content marketing agency working with SaaS companies.

Focus area: Full-scale marketing

Size: Large (70 employees)

Single Grain does not focus exclusively on SaaS. The agency is known for its work across multiple industries. However, they’ve done so much work for SaaS companies, that they possess the expertise and chops to make things happen for tech brands too.

Single Grain is also a full-scale agency, with services ranging from content marketing to online advertising, CRO, and more.

#7. Optimist

Full-scale growth agency for SaaS.

Focus area: SEO and content

Size: Medium (20 employees)

Optimist is a growth-focused content marketing agency for SaaS that specializes in working with startups in the growth stage. One of the amazing things about Optimist is that the company puts together custom teams including strategists, content creators, and more for each client. The teams comprise freelancers on the company’s books and help them ensure that they deliver all that’s required in the strategy.

#8. Contentki

Small content writing company for SaaS.

Focus area: Content creation

Size: Boutique (2 employees)

Contentki is another boutique SaaS content agency that delivers big work. Comprising of two content creators, they produce amazing, fully SEO-optimized content for such SaaS brands as LiveChat, UXPin, or Remote.

Additional services the company offers include content promotion on social media and link building.

#9. Uplift Content

Another content writing agency for SaaS.

Focus area: Content writing (lead magnets and case studies)

Size: Small (8 employees)

Uplift Content is a small content writing agency for SaaS. In addition to writing blog posts, the company focuses on producing lead generation materials – lead magnets, ebooks, white papers, and case studies for SaaS companies.

#10. Simple Tiger

Full-scale SEO agency for SaaS focusing on content marketing.

Focus area: SEO (full-scale)

Size: Medium (13 employees)

If I remember correctly, SimpleTiger was the first full-scale SEO agency focusing exclusively on SaaS. Because of its strong focus on SEO, the company offers more than just content marketing services. You can also expect them to do technical SEO for you, build links, and implement other SEO strategies to get your SaaS found online.

#11. Grow and Convert

SaaS content marketing agency.

Focus area: Content marketing/CRO

Size: Medium (12 employees)

Grow and Convert is another SaaS content agency you can outsource your strategy and content execution to. The company puts strong emphasis on generating real-business results, rather than just traffic. And so, you can expect them to work tirelessly to deliver and promote content to drive actual signups and leads for your SaaS.

And that’s it…

These are the 11 absolutely amazing SaaS content marketing agencies that can help your startup plan, build, launch, and deliver an amazing content strategy, own the SERP, outrank the competition, and generate meaningful business results.

Looking for a content marketing agency to help boost your SaaS’ growth?

Take a look at how we help SaaS startups like yours get found online, and generate more signups and revenue from Google.

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