SEO Guides

Here's a collection of guides and tutorials I wrote to help you learn more about using SEO and content to grow your SaaS.

SEO content

Guide to SEO Content

Discover everything there is to know about SEO content. Learn what makes content SEO-friendly, and how to research and create such pages to boost your search visibility.

Research and Strategy

A Guide to Building Topical Authority for a SaaS Webite

Discover what it means to build topical authority and how it helps your content rank better.

On-page SEO

How to Identify and Fix Content Cannibalization

Learn the concept of content cannibalization and how it can prevent your site from ranking well in the SERP.

Research and Strategy

Guide to Content Hubs Strategy

The purpose of this guide is to help you create content hubs for SEO that will increase your SaaS’ rankings, and drive more organic traffic, and leads.

Research and Strategy

How to Develop a Content Strategy for SaaS

Learn what makes SaaS content strategy so unique and what elements your strategy should include.

SEO basics

Guide to Converting Blog Traffic on a SaaS Website

Discover the two methods you need to use when converting blog traffic coming to your SaaS site. Learn how to convert top and bottom of the funnel visitors to your blog.

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