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Smashing Copy is a boutique SEO and content marketing consultancy for SaaS run by Pawel Grabowski.

From conducting research and developing a roadmap from where you are now to where you want to be, to creating all the content, auditing and optimizing your existing pages, and more, we own your entire SEO content  program to deliver the results you’re after.

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  • At the end of the document, you’ll find a link to my calendar to schedule an intro call.
  • During the call, we will discuss your current situation, objectives, timeline, and budget. I will also recommend solutions to help you achieve your business objectives and answer any SEO-related questions you may have.
  • Finally, if we sound like a fit, I will send you the business proposal and we can get started.
Pawel Grabowski - SEO content strategist for SaaS.

Looking forward to that,
Pawel Grabowski
SEO Consultant - Smashing Copy

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Smashing Copy Ltd. (reg no. 721545) is a boutique SEO and content marketing firm for SaaS run by SEO consultant, Pawel Grabowski. We plan and create content that helps startups like yours get found online, boost rankings, and drive more traffic and leads from Google.