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My SEO consulting services in a nutshell:

And here's the complete info:

Types of businesses I help

I specialize in working with early to mid-stage SaaS and tech startups. Generally, my clients fall into one of three categories:

I typically do not work with pre-launch SaaS or tech companies, or startups without product-market fit and at least some paying customers.

I also do not start new engagements if a company is planning to redo their website in the nearest future or is in the process of doing so. In such instance, I always recommend waiting for the new site to be live before starting any SEO program. (Having said that, I am happy to audit the new site from the SEO perspective before or shortly after it goes live.)

What I do

Each of the three client categories requires a slightly different approach and set of services. However, there are also certain deliverables included in every client engagement. These include:

Craig Hewitt, CEO,

Pawel exceeded my expectations by a long shot on this project.

In a short period of time he provided us with a very thorough evaluation of where our site is currently, what quick wins we should be focusing on, and a complete roadmap of what topic we should be targeting going forward.

Now my team and I have a reliable roadmap for the upcoming months in which we know our organic rankings (particularly for high intent keywords) will surely rise, and with it the rest of the business.

I can't recommend working with Pawel enough for anyone who's serious about increasing targeted organic traffic to their site.

Ana Croissier, Digital Marketing Specialist, Quaderno

I'm completely blown away by the SEO strategy we received.

Pawel delivered more than just the analysis of our current situation, the market and the opportunity. We got a detailed, actionable plan to help us reach our goals. With this, we now know exactly what to do to increase our traffic and signups.

Thank you, Pawel!

How I work

I provide a mix of strategy, maintenance, and execution, with the final set of deliverables depending on the client's needs.

Overall, however, I work with clients in two ways:

For most clients, I take on a role of an SEO strategist and focus on planning and overseeing the SEO program.

These clients typically have internal or external resources to create the content or build links. For these clients, I plan and lead the entire SEO program with those resources and work on various SEO-specific deliverables (like on-page improvements, audits, or performance analysis and planning.)

EXAMPLE: I helped an established SaaS company with a significant online presence, and a large number of content assets ranking already whose in-house writing team found themselves struggling to identify new valuable topics to cover.

The engagement included a complete performance audit, market, audience, and competitive analysis, customer needs analysis, and conducting keyword research and topic planning that resulted in an 18-month content calendar.

I also managed the initial implementation, and spent 6 months improving the performance of the existing content while the company continued to produce new content I identified in the strategy.

However, I can also get more involved in the execution.

Typically, this happens with companies without any existing resources like content writers. For those clients, I also create some initial content, particularly the highly-critical SEO assets, and provide additional services to help them execute the strategy. Overtime, I also develop processes to help them take over the strategy in-house and assist with hiring relevant team members.

EXAMPLE: I helped a startup in email automation niche understand their overall SEO opportunity, build a 2-year SEO content plan, wrote the initial bulk of content to target the most valuable commercial keywords, and built processes for the founders to take over.

EXAMPLE: I also helped a SaaS startup in a real estate niche identify new opportunities to reach new customers through organic search, developed an SEO strategy, and created all that content over the span of 18 months.

Jami Oetting, Director, Brand & Editorial, HubSpot

Pawel, you did more than fill an SEO copywriting need for us; you got results!

Both pillar pages you wrote for us rank at the top of page one for competitive keywords and drive thousands of visitors each month.

You made it easy for me to know what you needed with an easy onboarding and education process. You were invaluable during the process by providing expertise on the subject matter.

Thank you!

Jedrzej Meder, SEO and Content Lead, Tidio

Pawel is fantastic! He helped build our blog from scratch, and what a job he's done!

Just one piece of the content he created ranks on pos.1 for an incredible number of keywords, attracted 50000 visits in the first six months and its traffic continues to grow at 3% weekly.

His other content performs at a similar level.

Wondering whether we're a fit?

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