SaaS SEO Podcast

This is SaaS SEO is a new podcast for SaaS founders and marketers who want to discover how to get their products found online, increase rankings, drive greater organic traffic, and boost growth with SEO and content.

On the show, I'm answering questions about SEO and content and show you how to use those channels to grow your SaaS.

So, if you're stuck or feeling unsure about how to get better rankings and boost organic traffic for your SaaS, my show is definitely for you.

Homepage SEO for SaaS

Discover what keywords to optimize your SaaS homepage for.

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5 Best SEO Metrics for Founders and CMOs

Discover five metrics that could help you, a founder or CMO, to evaluate your company’s SEO efforts and assess whether things are going in the right direction.

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How Userlist Built Their Organic Growth Engine with Jane Portman

Learn the process Userlist used to build the company's organic growth and how they're scaling their efforts further.

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How to Ensure that Google Crawls My New Content?

Learn how search engine crawlers access your new content, and what to do to ensure that nothing prevents them from doing so.

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How Long Will It Take for My New Content to Rank?

Discover what happens (and what needs to happen) from the moment you hit publish to when your new content achieves its full SEO potential.

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How to Use Search Intent to Create Content that Matches Your Users' Needs

Learn how to identify and use search intent - the person’s ultimate goal for searching for particular information - to create better SEO content.

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How to Analyze and Pick the Right Keywords for Your SaaS

Discover what metrics to use to evaluate a long list of keywords and select the most profitable phrases that can help you reach your current SEO goals.

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Getting Started with Building Links for Your SaaS

Discover the ins and outs of a typical link-building process for SaaS from the master link builder, Alan Silvestri of GrowthGorilla.

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Keyword Research #2: How to Find Profitable Keywords for Your SaaS

Discover several different ways that you can use to find relevant topics and profitable keywords for your SaaS. 

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Keyword Research #1: Topics vs. Keywords

Discover the biggest challenge SaaS companies face when conducting keyword research, and how to overcome it.

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Where to Start with SEO: 5 Steps to Kick-start the SEO Program for Your SaaS

Discover what 5 things you should do to launch your SaaS' SEO strategy.

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What Does It Take to Get Top Rankings and Drive Search Traffic

Learn how SEO works, and what it takes to get good rankings and drive search traffic for your SaaS company.

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3 Factors That Make SaaS SEO So Different

In the initial episode of This is SaaS SEO, I discuss what SaaS SEO is, specifically, and what factors make optimizing SaaS websites so different to other verticals.

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