About Smashing Copy

Pawel Grabowski, SEO Consultant for SaaS.

Hi, my name is Pawel Grabowski. I'm an SEO consultant for SaaS brands.

I combine strategy, SEO, and copywriting expertise to help SaaS startups like yours get found online, boost rankings, increase organic traffic, and get more demos and trials.

I launched Smashing Copy in 2010 to help people like you - busy SaaS founders and marketers who need to drive more organic traffic and leads but lack the expertise and time to do it themselves.

At first, I worked with eCommerce and software brands. However, I soon turned my focus to tech, and I've been working with SaaS companies exclusively since 2014.

Since then I have helped well-known brands like HubSpot, Close, SEMrush, seoClarity, AdEspresso, and many others, as well as countless startups (worth to note that many of them went on to become the leading brands in their niches, like Drift.)

I work as an extension of your team, complementing your in-house capabilities with my 12 years of SEO experience and 8 years of experience in SaaS to give you all the support you need to accelerate your SaaS' search visibility.

I can help you:

  • Kickstart your SEO and content marketing program and lay the foundation for future growth
  • Scale your current strategies, traffic, and organic growth
  • Publish more search-optimized content to get your SaaS found online, attract more organic visitors, and generate leads, month after month after month.
  • Expand your marketing reach, and more.

My promise to you

Because I run a tiny consulting business, I get personally invested in your success.

Since I work with only a handful of clients at a time, to me, you’re never just another account on the books. I build a strong partnership with you, work alongside you, and always give everything when fighting to put you at the top.

Here are just some of the examples of how this works in practice:

  • You always get an immediate and personal response directly from me. Also, we're transparent in everything that what we do.

    You can track our progress, and see what we've done and what tasks we're working on at the moment on a dedicated client portal.

    We also set up a dedicated SEO dashboard where you can  monitor the impact of our work on your business in real-time.

    Finally, you and I chat each month to discuss the strategy, share new ideas, and make sure that what we do is aligned with product development.
  • You are our only client in your niche for the duration of our engagement, effectively locking your competitors from accessing our deep SEO and SaaS content marketing expertise to get more traffic and signups.
  • And you also get unrestricted access to all of our SEO experience, expertise as well as all the workflows, processes, and playbooks we've developed over the years. We won’t hold anything back when fighting for your rankings, traffic, and search visibility.

So, when you work with my team and me, you choose SEO experts who specialize in your market only – B2B SaaS. You select a partner with specific expertise required to push your brand to the first page rankings. And you  work with the company whom many amazing and respected brands – Hubspot, Close, SEMrush, Drift, AdEspresso, and more – have trusted to deliver successful SEO-driven content programs already.

About me

SEO content strategist at Smashing Copy

Pawel Grabowski

SEO Consultant, SEO Copywriter

12 years of experience in SEO. 8 years of working in the SaaS industry exclusively. An impressive list of current and former clients, including HubSpot, Close, Ahrefs, and more. Incredible ability to identify what content makes Google tick… Clients tell me that I am a SaaS SEO force to be reckoned with...(but I probably shouldn't be commenting on that.)

I specialize in developing SEO roadmaps that help our clients deliver more targeted organic traffic and website conversions. I also create and optimize our clients’ content and, if I may say so myself, have a knack for breathing new life and rankings into any old content asset.

My story - Here’s where I learned about SEO and copywriting:

  • I earned a Masters in Marketing from the National College in Ireland and wrote my Masters dissertation on SaaS marketing.
  • I first encountered SEO and content marketing in 2008, when running a software company I co-founded with a friend of mine. Shortly after, I also started using content to attract more clients to our products and web development services.
  • In 2010, I joined Staycity, one of the largest self-catering hotel chains in Europe as the company's first SEO hire. I built the company’s SEO and content marketing program from scratch and at the end of my five-year tenure there, I have been delivering a seven-figure revenue from the organic search consistently with significant growth YoY.
  • I began offering SEO consulting and content writing services to software companies shortly after joining Staycity. My first big client was SERPs.com, where I ran the entire digital marketing for over a year. Many other clients have followed – HubSpot, Close, AdEspresso – and in 2015, I left Staycity to focus on my consulting business full-time.

Meet my team

Roli Jain SaaS writer at Smashing Copy

Roli Jain

SaaS Writer

Roli is an experienced content creator with over 3 years of experience writing SEO-optimized content. She’s one of the few writers with a true knack for creating content that’s both conversational and engaging AND drives incredible rankings and conversions.

Our clients concur.

Roli is Smart blogger certified and has worked with numerous SaaS companies. Her blog posts, long-form content, and other assets have generated thousands of organic visits and signups for companies.

SaaS writer Tereza Litsa

Tereza Litsa

SaaS Writer

Tereza is an exceptional writer, who brings over 10 years of digital marketing and copywriting experience to our projects. She has created top-ranking content for some of the most challenging niches we’ve ever had to work in (think social media!). She’s one of those rare writers with the skill and experience to know how to research, plan, and craft content that both users and Google love unconditionally.

Smashing Copy Ltd. (reg no. 721545) is a boutique SEO and content marketing firm for SaaS run by SEO consultant, Pawel Grabowski. We plan and create content that helps startups like yours get found online, boost rankings, and drive more traffic and leads from Google.